Dream jobs for autistic talent.

Are you unemployed or working in a job where you feel like you can’t be yourself?

Do you want to be in a role that celebrates you for who you are? 

auticon Canada empowers our autistic colleagues to live happier, healthier lives by bringing their authentic selves to work.

Every day.

Do you think differently?
So do we.



We celebrate your strengths and provide supports and coaching to promote your success.



We work with you to find the right fit: skills, work environment, and team.



We are a community of diverse individuals providing opportunities for personal and professional development.

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“Right from the first interview, I felt they really cared about me. Not just my career, my professional life, even my personal life as well."

Enzo, auticon Canada Consultant. 

Find your dream job.

We are looking for talented autistic technology professionals of all skill levels. If  you’re on the autism spectrum or identify as being autistic, have a passion for technology, and want to be celebrated for your unique perspective and talent, we want to talk to you! Join our pool of talented consultants.

We are now hiring in these areas:

QA & Software Testing
Junior, Intermediate & Senior 
  • Manual Testing
  • Test automation
  • Developing user stories, test plans, and scripts
  • Experience with tools such as Git, JIRA, and  Confluence.
 Software Development
Intermediate & Senior
  • Front-end 
  • Back-end 
  • Full-stack
  • DevOps
  • Experience working in Agile environments
Data & Cybersecurity
Intermediate & Senior
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Engineering
  • Visualization
  • Network  Security
  • Cloud Security

Come work with us!

"Honestly, it was probably the most pleasant and positive interview I'll ever have in my life! I am really excited and happy to be continuing the process with Auticon."

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About auticon Canada

Our mission is to create rewarding technology careers for autistic Canadians while providing a talented, agile workforce to improve our business clients’ technology projects.  We help companies embrace neurodivergent talent and support successful careers for Canadian autistic tech professionals. We value our autistic employees for who they are – together, we can change the world.